USDA Regulations Being Reviewed by Obama Administration

COOL, EQIP, grasslands, wetlands and other conservation programs being reviewed.

The Obama administration will review USDA regulations that the Bush administration issued last week, including mandatory country-of-origin labeling according to a USDA spokesman.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel issued a memo Tuesday that all rules that had not been published in the Federal Register before President Obama took office would be withdrawn for review, and that all rules published would be reviewed if they had not taken effect. The labeling rule was published last week, but it is not scheduled to take effect until March 16. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the dates will be pushed back 60 days, but that he intends to conduct the reviews properly and as quickly as possible.

The agency will proceed with regulations for implementation, but those regulations could change depending on the Obama administration's decision.

The USDA spokesman said that Bush administration regulations for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, the grasslands and wetlands reserve programs, the farm and ranchland protection program, and other conservation programs that were issued in the last days of the administration will be subject to review.

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