Walz Scale launches new tech-enabled product

Walz Scale launches new tech-enabled product

The Axim dynamic in-motion truck scales are teamed with new yield and harvest management reporting software.

A farm scale just isn't what it used to be, and that's a good thing. Walz Scale is rolling out the Axim, a dynamic in-motion struck scale that can interface with Agweigh's yield and harvest management reporting software. The Axim dynamic scales help producers weigh and manage haulage assets on the farm without the need to stop each vehicle and weigh on a conventional truck or axle scale.

With this scale the driver can simply drive across the scale system and the Agweigh Yield Pro management system will capture and store each load for future data management and reporting.

Walz Scale has teamed the Axim in-motion dynamic scale to the Agweight Yield Pro system.

The Axim scale is available in a variety of sizes with the most common size being 10-feet wide by 3 feet long. The scales are installed in shallow pits and require limited resources in comparison to conventional scales, according to the company. They cost about one-third the price of a conventional scale and can be installed by the farmer.

The Agweigh Yield Pro system helps manage yield data by providing advanced data functionality. Producers can now track and manage individual farm and field yields as well as provide bin inventory reports. Build RFID integration allows for unattended weighing, eliminating the need to manually enter data for each load.

Learn more by visiting walzscale.com.

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