WEEKLY FERTILIZER REVIEW: World Fertilizer Prices Begin To Move Higher

Dealers stuck trying to sell inventory bought last fall at higher prices.

Fertilizer prices have confirmed a move higher on international markets this week, as cutback in

production have finally reduced supplies in line with demand as farmers around the world begin booking supplies for spring.

Farmgate prices for farmers in most areas remain well above traditional levels indicated by today's wholesale prices, because dealers are stuck trying to peddle inventory bought last fall at much higher prices. Retail prices continue to work slowly lower, but the gap remains strong as the window for buying decisions begins to narrow.

The biggest news in the market this week was the end to the logjam in the international ammonia market, as product out of the Black Sea finally traded after a stalemate of almost two months. Prices rose almost $100 a ton to $181. While no trade was reported at the Gulf, prices there should also move higher. Offers for March are up to $200 a ton, compared to the last reported trade price of $125.

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