Planting woes, but planting still goes

Planting woes, but planting still goes

Despite troubles with planting 2015, we were still able to get nearly half of our acres planted in five days' time

Last week I seriously questioned whether technology is a help or hindrance.

It seemed we fought it all week, and lost. From computer issues, to air clutches, to hydraulic motors, technology cost us a day with each planter. Ironically, dad saw one neighbor last week who sold his technology-laden planter and went "simple" - the irony being they met at the local ag dealership where they were both getting parts!

Regardless, we still planted 40-45% of our acres in five days' time.

Despite troubles with planting 2015, we were still able to get nearly half of our acres planted in five days' time

After a quick trial run, we headed to larger and higher productivity fields. We also tried to plant a good mix of varying maturity of corn. Rain early on Monday morning delayed returning to the fields until late in the day. We received an additional inch of rain Tuesday.

If it wasn't past May 5 already, I would say the timing couldn't be better. Heat units are also racking up rapidly with temps in the 80s since Sunday. It won't be long before you will be able to "row" the corn fields.

Best decision of the 2015 planting season
The best decision of the spring so far goes to purchasing an air blower for seed corn. Though we've taken soybeans in mini-bulk for many years, we have still been taking corn in paper bags. This year, incentives from seed companies enticed us to head down the mini-bulk road.

As shorthanded as we are, we couldn't go with a separate trailer for seed. It had to go on the semi-trailer with the pop-up fertilizer and weed and feed.

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We purchased a Bruning air blower and Corky fabricated a box carrier with weigh bars that sits on the bed of the trailer. We saved a few bucks by using the scale head from our manure spreader. To fill the planter, we quick coupled the hose from the trailer to the hose on the planter and meter out the seed needed for the field.

Weather forecasts give us about a day and a half to plant this week, with late week being a wash out. Soon conversation will trend toward revising plans and shifting to shorter season corn hybrids. Preliminary survey shows a very limited supply.

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