Warm weather lends to continued outdoor projects

Warm weather lends to continued outdoor projects

There's never a shortage on the 'to do' list

How many different times can I write about the extended working conditions? Well, at least one more!

Last week there was a moratorium for exams in some of the college conferences we officiate (basketball). As a result, Rachael and I had coinciding time off (that never happens!) and headed on vacation with the kids. It was our first real "road trip" toting four children 9 years and under over 3,000 miles. All went well and we arrived back home safely Monday night.

There's never a shortage on the 'to do' list - and the calendar is winding down to Christmas. Better get those gifts ready! (Thinkstock/Tong Ro Images)

It figures that when we head south, the north experiences abnormally warm and nice weather conditions. So, work at the farm didn't slow down much. Dad dropped off the backhoe for much needed repairs and brought home an excavator. There is never a shortage on the 'to do' list. We had a drainage ditch to dig along a site where the state piled dirt from a recent highway project. After that, the excavator was moved to a small woods slated for removal. (Side note: don't forget to check with FSA before removing tree stumps!)

Unfortunately, with the price of scrap steel down, hauling scrap away will be postponed for now. No worries though, there are a couple of old building sites to clean up and bury. As I said, the list never ends!

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The crew came in and erected a superstructure for our bean facility last week. We are still waiting for the crane operator to come and move the hopper bin and drop pipes into place. Work continued slowly on the storage building, but the overhead doors are in, and the building is sealed up. I have a couple days of work to do before the rest of the insulation can be done. I am pushing to finish that before the contractor takes a 10-day break at the end of the year. Most of what is left, I chose to do on my own to reduce costs.

I have also requested chemical pricing so we can organize crop protection purchases for 2016. I haven't had much time to review plot results, nor even begin looking at crop plans. We've been so busy, it doesn't feel like it's that time already.

Speaking of which, I'd better get my priorities in line and get my Christmas shopping done!

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