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Feedback From The Field - August 14, 2017

Crops improve but growers say yields are below USDA forecast.

Growers reporting Feedback From The Field last week noted a little more improvement in corn and soybean crops. But that doesn’t mean these farmers think their yields will turn out anywhere close to those forecast by USDA Aug. 10.

Average ratings from growers edged higher to average levels for both corn and soybeans. But initial reports put median corn yields at only 157 bushel per acre, with soybeans at 45 bpa. USDA’s first projections based on data from growers and their fields were 169.5 bpa for corn and 49.4 bpa for soybeans.

The government forecasts exceeded the top end of trade guesses, but brought a chorus of doubts from growers who say a challenging growing season reduced potential.

Producers in the eastern Corn Belt suffered through a wet spring, then saw conditions turn dry. Things aren’t much different in other parts of the Midwest where dry and at times hot weather affected pollination and yield potential.

“Corn is very uneven from 0 to maybe a little over 100 in the same field just 100 feet down the row,” said a producer in north central Kansas.

Another Kansas grower in the southeast part of the state was also worried about soybeans.

“Heavy stress on full season soybeans due to only 1.1 inch of rain through the month of July and into the first part of August,” the farmer wrote. “July hot temperatures, which peaked at 104.7, also caused some stress. I expect to see yield reductions of 10-15 bu/acre.”

Rains fell in parts of Minnesota over the weekend. But a farmer in the west central part of that state says July was the 3rd driest on record, dating back to 1886. Nonetheless, he rated crops good, with corn yields at 165 and soybeans at 47 bpa.

“It is hard to tell how this impacted the corn and beans,” said the producer. “Some unevenness is noted in dryer, lighter soiled fields. It will not be as good as last year on average.”

A dry spell also hurt potential in parts of Illinois. Near Bloomington, in one of the richest pockets of farmland in the world, a grower rated crops “fair,” with yields of 160 corn and 45 beans.

“Only good thing is that the heat has relented,” was the post. ”I am hoping for better than my estimates but I remember what 2012 was like.”

Click this Feedback From The Field link to rate crops in your area and provide yield estimates in your fields. We’ll update reports with the interactive map below that lets you see what other growers are saying around the country. Click the box in the upper left-hand corner to bring up the weekly index; scroll down to see the most current week.

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