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Feedback From The Field - August 7, 2017

Growers note small improvement overall in corn and soybeans last week.

A respite of cooler and wetter weather gave fields a little relief last week, according to farmers posting Feedback From The Field. Yet while producers rated crops a little better, average corn and soybean conditions still remain below normal.

Prospects are highly mixed after a stressful growing season in many areas.

“Very spotty,” was the judgement from southeastern Nebraska, where a grower rated corn better than soybeans. “About APH on corn but beans will be much lower if rain doesn't come soon.”

In the south central part of the state another farmer rated both corn and soybeans in excellent condition: “Have had very good rains, and both the irrigated and dryland crops look very good.”

Still, some parts of Nebraska were completely dry last week. Others got the wrong type of moisture.

“Finally caught rain,” said a producer in southwest Nebraska. ”Unfortunately it was frozen and the corn and soybeans no longer have leaves. Almost a complete loss across my whole farm.”

And, while most complaints were about dry fields, flooding was a concern for others, especially in the eastern Corn Belt.

“Severe water damage in corn and beans,” was the report from central Indiana. "Finding some aborted ears. Estimated yield 150 to 165 bpa. Last year 212 bpa. Beans will be off 10% to 15% because of water damage.”

Click this Feedback From The Field link to rate crops in your area and provide yield estimates in your fields. We’ll update reports with the interactive map below that lets you see what other growers are saying around the country. Click the box in the upper left-hand corner to bring up the weekly index; scroll down to see the most current week.

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