7 ag stories you might have missed this week - Oct. 20, 2017

7 ag stories you might have missed this week - Oct. 20, 2017

From buyers to biologicals, from secretaries of ag to research funding, plenty is going on this week.

Here are seven stories you may have missed this week. Check them out.

1. BASF made a big buy announcement the week before, and we got a chance to talk to their executives about the purchase and what it might mean for the company, its marketing and what farmers will have available. Check out what we learned - Farm Futures

2. Biologicals are a growing business. One of the Farm Press team attended an event focused solely on ag biologicals and he learned plenty, including his story that ag companies are committing to the technology - Southeast Farm Press

3. Five secretaries of agriculture walk into a room. Nope it's not the beginning of a great bar joke, instead it's what happened during World Food Prize/Norman Borlaug events in Iowa this week. There were familiar faces on stage from both Republican and Democratic administrations talking farm bill. It was an information filled event. - Wallaces Farmer

4. Public funding of agricultural research has been waning for years, and it's becoming a problem. The need to support Extension work and USDA research is important for meeting future food and feed production challenges. More than 60 ag groups came together this week to ask for a doubling of research funding. - Wallaces Farmer

5. The state and regional farm titles at Farm Progress have started running new product galleries that show you the latest machines, equipment and tech found during the fall farm shows. Take a look at the first of what will be 27 slideshows of new product information. - Indiana Prairie Farmer

6. The devastating California wildfires destroyed thousand of homes, killed dozens of people and ravaged the land. That last part - ravaged land - is having an impact on an important segment of the population - the farm worker. In California more than 70% of the workers are Hispanic. Their lives are in turmoil because the fires burned the cropland they worked. - National Public Radio

7. NAFTA negotiations may be stalled, and there are different perspectives on just what that means. For some farm groups NAFTA is a big deal, for others they see it as very bad for U.S. Agriculture. But what might it mean for the family farmer? Here's one look at the issue. - Civil Eats

And your bonus - with video

Speaking of farms, Amazon just opened one - its biggest wind farm yet. CEO Jeff Bezos, the man getting a lot of attention these days because of his search for a new, second, headquarters, christened the company's farm. And there's drone video of his champagne bottle-busting ceremony online. - Recode.net

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