What’s ahead for the grain market in 2018? Third in a series

Sales of U.S. crop were lackluster during the fall and first part of winter.

Grain markets staged an unexpected rally as 2018 began, but the bloom faded from that rose by February. As farmers mull planting choices – and wonder what to do with old crop inventory – a familiar menace has returned: selling pressure from the meltdown on Wall Street.

Farm Futures senior grain market analyst Bryce Knorr has been busy on the meeting circuit this winter. Here’s a look at what he’s been saying about the prospects for the year ahead.  Though farm finances remain stressed, Knorr is optimistic growers will have a shot at selling crops for a profit.

Take a look at his comments in this series of videos.

Today, Export demand: Sales of U.S. crop were lackluster during the fall and first part of winter. Corn trade appears to be improving but China is a question mark for soybeans.

Warning from Wall Street: Grain prices don’t need any help in moving lower these days. But selling pressure from a bearish mood on Wall Street appears to be back. Here’s a look at how financial markets affect grain prices, for better or worse.

Overview of today’s grain market: Large stocks of corn, soybeans and wheat hang over world markets, but the oversupply crunch could begin to ease slowly.


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