1,200th E85 Location Opens

This time last year, the number was at less than 750 facilities.

A Renew E85 station in Maryville, Wisconsin, has put the number of U.S. stations offering E85 over 1,200. This time last year, that number was under 750 facilities, and the over 450 new sites to offer the ethanol blend over the past year have included the first locations in Alabama and Arkansas. All but 70 of the total sites are publicly accessible.

"Growth and interest in E85 fuel and infrastructure is continuing at a rapid pace," says Chairman of the NEVC and Director of Government Affairs for ICM Greg Krissek. "We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and look forward to helping to grow the nation's E85 infrastructure even more in the coming months."

"Our hope is that it illustrates to others there is a waiting market in this country for E85 and that it inspires them to join the cause, helping to fill the demand US consumers have for alternative fuels," says Jay Stoflet of Renew E85.

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