AFBF Recommends Continued Safety Net

The American Farm Bureau Federation announces its 2007 Farm Bill recommendations.

In its 2007 Farm Bill recommendations, the American Farm Bureau Federation calls for a fiscally responsible bill that is fair for all sectors of agriculture while respecting trade obligations and maintaining a reliable farmer safety net.

The group announced its proposals Monday, with a theme of continuation from the 2002 Farm Bill.

"The Farm Bureau proposal would continue that support in a balanced way, within the budget constraints we face and consistent with our international trade commitments," says AFBF President Bob Stallman.

Some features of the proposal include revenue-based counter-cyclical payments, disaster aid for losses over 50 % and re-rated crop insurance with reduced coverage.

The organization estimates their proposal will cost $519.2 billion over 10 years, the same as the Congressional Budget Office baseline.

The Farm Bureau proposal is available at:

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