Apple Imports to Taiwan Halted

Codling moth larvae found during inspections of cargos from Washington and California in September and October stop shipments. Compiled by staff

has stopped taking apples from the United States after finding it's third incidence this year of codling moth larvae in a cargo shipment. The first incidences were in cargoes from Washington and California in September and October; the third came Monday in produce from Oregon.

An official from the country's Bureau of Animal and Plant Health and Quarantine says the Unites States must now prepare an investigation report for the country, and detail how the problem will be addressed.

Once the report is completed, the official told Reuters that the ban could be lifted. In late 2002, Taiwan banned U.S. apple imports for more than a month when similar larvae were found. Both sides later reached an agreement that automatically suspends apple imports if larvae are found three times in a single year. Monday's find was the third incident.

Taiwan has imported about 108,225 tonnes of apples so far this year, with the United States accounting for about 52% of the market, according to wire reports.

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