Asian Soybean Rust Reappears in Missouri

After the fungus never showed up in the state in 2005, it has appeared in the southeastern corner of the state again.

USDA reported Tuesday that Asian soybean rust is back in Missouri, making an appearance in the southeastern corner of the state. The fungus had been absent in the state in 2005 after appearing in two counties in 2004.

According to the USDA, Dr. Allen Wrather made the discovery, finding one soybean rust pustule among 50 soybean leaflets from NewMadridCounty.

The rust has arrived close enough to harvest that the fields should not be impacted, according to a Missouri state rust report. "With frosts in much of the state the end of the week of Oct. 9-13, and harvest moving along rapidly, the possibility of further detections is decreasing rapidly," the report says.

In farther north areas such as Missouri, soybean rust shouldn't last long this year, more or less disappearing after the first hard frost.

The airborne fungus has also appeared throughout the Southeast, Illinois, and Texas this year. The pathogen has been found in 129 counties this year, compared to 72 by this time last year.

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