CBOT Agricultural Futures Surge in September

Corn and Wheat up over 100% during the month compared to last September.

The Chicago Board of Trade launched daytime electronic trading of Agricultural futures side-by-side with its open auction environment during the third quarter this year, and two months later the Exchange has seen the Agricultural complex respond with volume growth across the board.

Agricultural average daily volume increased 40% from the third quarter of 2005 to this year, while average daily volume was up 77% this September compared to 2005.

Electronically traded agricultural futures reached the highest volume ever for a single session at 242,929, a 57% increase from the previous record set on August 14, 2006. Big increases in Corn and Wheat futures and options set the pace for the record month, with Corn up by 129% during the month compared to last September, and Wheat up 114%. Other September Exchange futures increases include Soybean at 40%, Soybean Meal at 41%, and Soybean Oil at 29%.

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