CBOT Approves Over-the-Counter Ethanol Contracts

Ethanol is the first product to be cleared for over-the-counter calendar swap contracts.

The Chicago Board of Trade announced Tuesday that it would establish clearing services for two new over-the-counter EthanolCalendarSwamp contracts. The new products will include contracts for forward and previous month calendar swaps and will be based on CBOT Ethanol futures contracts prices.

The contracts, which will be the first exchange-cleared OTC products to be specifically tailored for use in the ethanol industry, are schedule to be introduced Dec. 4, 2006. The transactions will take place away from the exchange environment in private negotiations, after which parties will submit the transaction to a CBOT clearing firm.

"OTC transactions have become commonplace in energy sectors such as crude oil and natural gas," says Robert D. Ray, CBOT Senior Vice President of Business Development. "With the Ethanol market continuing its rapid expansion, we feel that now is the ideal time to establish the clearing for OTC Ethanol Swap contracts and provide new and innovative opportunities for Ethanol industry market participants."

For more information, visit www.cbot.com/ethanol.

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