Chinese Authorities Issue Ideas to Ramp up Country's Agriculture

The Asian giant issues policies aimed at keeping its agriculture competitive in a global economy, including further adoption of technology and farmland preservation.

Chinese authorities issued a set of ideas today that would facilitate agricultural development and work in rural areas to improve agricultural production capacity through science and technology. According to a report by the Xinhua news agency, the ideas include 27 detailed measures to ensure financial, governmental and technological support to the ag sector.

The new policies include reducing or abolishing agricultural taxes, granting subsidies for certain crops and financing farmers for the use of good seed strains and machinery, according to the report. The country will set up channels by providing  financing support for agricultural and establish a mechanism for steady input for agriculture.

Farmland preservation is an important part of the new proposals including banning the use of farmland for other purposes than farming, remaking villages and towns in an effort to enable farmers and rural villages to use land in an intensive, economical way.

Boosting agricultural technology use gets several ideas, including reform of ag research at colleges and the potential establishment of public organizations to help spread ag technology.

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