Completed USDA Tests Show Low Path Avian Flu

The avian influenza initially detected in September in Illinois has been confirmed as low pathogenic.

USDA and the Department of the Interior announced Tuesday that final test results for avian influenza found in Illinois Green-winged Teal samples is low pathogenic.

Officials announced the original detection of the virus on Sept. 29, initially believing it to be low pathogenic rather than a dangerous highly pathogenic subtype like the highly pathogenic H5N1 subtype that has spread from Asia into Europe and Africa and infected humans. Low pathogenic avian influenza does not pose a risk to human health and is commonly found in wild North American birds.

During initial tests, which are highly sensitive and can detect inactive was well as active viruses in samples, the sample tested as a weak positive for both the H5 and N1 subtypes. The confirmatory testing detected H6 and N2 subtypes instead, revealing the subtype to be low pathogenic.

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