Cover Story: Gauging Storage Risk

Cover Story: Gauging Storage Risk

Our year-by-year results for returns on cash, futures and options strategies

The 2011 growing season was a trying one in many areas. As farmers harvest smaller corn and soybean crops, higher prices are needed to offset reduced production, making storage decisions crucial to your profitability.

Farm Futures has tracked returns for different cash, futures and options strategies for locations around the Midwest, including nine for corn and eight for soybeans. In addition to year-by-year results by location for each strategy, these files contain summaries to help farmers balance overall risk and return.

Depreciation on bins and equipment vary widely depending on age of the facilities, so these figures do not include any expense for capital costs, though operating costs are figured at as close to market rates as possible.

Click on the links below to check out individual region reports:

Central Illinois

Central Indiana


Evansville, Louisville

Kansas City


North Central Iowa



Year-by-Year Summary

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