CRP Enrollment Remains Steady

Ag Secretary Mike Johanns announces that 23.9 million out of 28 million acres of eligible CRP contracts will be re-enrolled.

After landowners participating in the Conservation Reserve Program were given the chance to re-enroll or extend their contracts recently, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns says 23.9 million out of 28 million acres of eligible contracts are expected to be re-enrolled.

Many people expected a sharp drop in CRP acres due to high corn prices, but Johanns says these figures are standard.

"The percentage of landowners choosing to remain in CRP is consistent with what we have seen in the past, despite speculation that re-enrollment would drop significantly due to high corn prices," Johanns says. "We are closely monitoring interest in CRP re-enrollment, planting projections and demand for commodities to determine the most appropriate future actions in administering the Conservation Reserve Program."

Out of the 4.1 million acres coming out of CRP, 1.4 million are located in major corn producing states. The contracts will expire between 2007 and 2010.

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