Dairy, Beef Operations Look Much Different In Brazil

Dairy, Beef Operations Look Much Different In Brazil

Brazilian production, marketing methods bear little resemblance to U.S. customs

Earlier this month, Farm Futures Senior Editor Bryce Knorr traveled to Brazil, where he studied all aspects of agriculture, from growing methods to marketing. A portion of his tour, not surprisingly, involved eating plenty of Brazilian meat products – a signficant export for Parana state.

Both dairy and beef operations do business a bit differently in Brazil than they would in the U.S. In the third installment in Knorr's video series, he explains why.

At the links below, read in-depth recaps of the Brazilian tour from Bryce Knorr and James Thompson, or check your February issue of Farm Futures.

Part One - Farm Futures tour examining Brazil's booming industry

Part Two - How Brazilian farmers navigate environmental restrictions

Part Three - Brazilian farmers also grow corn, but not without unique challenges

Part Four - Brazilian logistics are changing

Part Five - Soil and agricultural practices vary widely across this vast land

View additional videos through the Farm Futures Brazil Tour 2013 playlist on Farm Progress Daily's Youtube channel.

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