Divisive Tax Provision Could Appear in Senate Farm Bill

The tax measure that caused the House farm bill to lose its Republican support will also show up in the Senate bill, Senate Ag Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, says.

When Democratic leadership in the House added a last-minute tax measure to pay for nutrition programs, Republican support for the bill all but vanished overnight. Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, says that provision will also appear in the Senate version of the bill.

According to Democrats, the measure closes a loophole allowing businesses to dodge U.S. taxes by setting up offshore headquarters and routing funds internationally. According to Republicans, it's an unnecessary tax increase.

"We're look at doing basically the same thing over here," Harkin said in a press call Tuesday. "That can give us some needed resources."

The Senate Agriculture Committee will not debate the bill until September, after Congress' August recess.

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