E85 Meetings Will Gather Feedback on Authorization Issues

Underwriters Laboratory works with Department of Energy to get fueling stations pumping again.

Underwriters Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy are holding hearings at UL headquarters outside of Chicago this week to gather feedback on the development of authorization for E85 equipment.

Participants at the meetings will include representatives from oil companies, automakers, researchers and industry stakeholders.

"It is important to continue to work on furthering the safety of E85 fueling stations, and we believe the Underwriters Laboratories and the Department of Energy will develop the proper certification guidelines to continue the safety record of E85 pumps," says Bruce Noel, Chairman of the National Corn Growers Association Ethanol Committee. "It is important to continue the adoption of E85 stations, and we are hopeful that nothing will hamper the growth of the infrastructure progression."

UL and the DOE called the meetings after a withdrawal of authorization for UL-approved labels on parts for E85 fuel pumps and concerns about corrosion caused by the fuel.

Among over 1,000 E85 stations across the U.S., Noel notes that no safety or corrosion failures have been recorded.

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