Environmental Concerns Hit Brazil

Environmental Concerns Hit Brazil

Much like conservation regulations in the U.S., Brazilian farmers learn to protect forests and water quality

During a recent trip to Brazil, Farm Futures Senior Editor Bryce Knorr experienced first-hand the differences between Brazilian and U.S. agriculture. From farm management to grain marketing, Knorr points out that Brazilian farmers keep environmental concerns top-of-mind.

Much like U.S. farmers, soil and water quality are pressing issues that must be constantly monitored. In the fifth of Knorr's five-part video series, he explains why the environment is such a hot topic in Brazil.

At the links below, read in-depth recaps of the Brazilian tour from Bryce Knorr and James Thompson, or check your February issue of Farm Futures.

Part One - Farm Futures tour examining Brazil's booming industry

Part Two - How Brazilian farmers navigate environmental restrictions

Part Three - Brazilian farmers also grow corn, but not without unique challenges

Part Four - Brazilian logistics are changing

Part Five - Soil and agricultural practices vary widely across this vast land

View additional videos through the Farm Futures Brazil Tour 2013 playlist on Farm Progress Daily's Youtube channel.

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