Estimate Production Costs with IP Calculator

Tool allows corn producers to estimate their Identity Preservation costs for next year.

HarvestĀ is winding down and producers are looking ahead to next year. A free online calculator is available to help with estimating your production and Identity Preservation (IP) costs.

"This is the time of year when growers are beginning to think about their planting and harvesting needs for next year," says Ken McCauley, a member of National Corn Growers Association's (NCGA) Corn Board. "This tool can assist them in figuring out the costs of doing business and ensuring that the identity of their product is maintained from its origin to its final use."

The IP calculator allows growers to review and customize basic farming operation factors and values, customize information about their individual farms and enter information about the IP system they are considering. The tool will calculate and analyze the grower's estimated costs using the information submitted. The costs are grouped by category and are broken down per acre and per bushel.

McCauley also reminded growers that NCGA's web-enabled "Know Before Your Grow" and Insect Resistant Management Learning Center are available to assist growers in the pre-planting decision making process.

The IP calculator is available to all growers free of charge.

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