EU Finds Another Unapproved Type of Rice

A second kind of genetically modified rice appears in Europe.

EU spokesman Philip Tod confirmed that officials in Europe have detected an unapproved genetically modified strain of rice in an import from the U.S.

The rice, Bayer AG's LL62, is the second type of unauthorized biotech rice that European officials uncovered in shipments from the U.S. The discovery of unapproved Liberty Link Rice 601, also Bayer's, prompted the European Commission to push for mandatory testing of all U.S. rice imports. U.S. officials have said that mandatory testing would make it no longer worthwhile for the U.S. to export rice to Europe.

The LL62 appeared in France. LL62 is not authorized in the EU, but is in the approval process. LL62 is approved for marketing, but has not yet been commercialized, in the U.S.

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