EU to Cut CO2 Emission 20% by 2020

The European Union's 27 ministers agree in principal to ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

European Union governments agreed in principal to set ambitious goals to curb greenhouse gases in an effort to combat global warming. The 27 nations' environmental ministers on Tuesday decided on a goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions 20% by 2020.

EU environment ministers will meet Thursday to discuss how each country can reach individual 20% targets, with the possibility of structuring a compromise to share the burden of the target between nations.

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel told a new conference that the ministers also agreed to support a goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions globally 30% by 2012 - but the EU would call for other industrialized nations to meet the European commitment to emissions reductions. The Associated Press reported that the 30% cut referred to 1990 levels.

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