European Commission Protests Bird Flu Trade Bans

Bird-flu related bans from countries such as Japan and Russia are unjustified, says the European Commission and British officials.

The European Commission called bird flu-related poultry trade blockades on the UK "totally disproportionate" in a meeting in Brussels Tuesday.

EU veterinary met in Brussels to discuss security measures regarding the British turkey farm where an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza killed thousands of turkeys and forced officials to cull thousands more. The farm is owned by Europe's largest turkey producer.

In response to the outbreak, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea and Jersey imposed poultry trade bans on the UK. Officials are working on a buffer zone around the farm in order to stop a spread of the disease and to avoid trade bans on UK poultry.

Officials have not yet found the source of the outbreak. British officials say the outbreak poses only a very small health risk to the public and that consumers can safely continue eating poultry and eggs.

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