Farm Management A Different Ball Game In Brazil

Farm Management A Different Ball Game In Brazil

Most Brazilian operators employ several hired hands, custom harvesters

On the outside, Brazilian ag may have many similarities to farms in the U.S. But a closer inspection may reveal big differences in management and size. On a recent Farm Futures tour of Brazil, Senior Editor Bryce Knorr visited Parana, Brazil's main ag production hub. While there, he examined animal and grain farms, highlighting the farm management practices that many operators undertake to make a Brazilian farm work.

In part four of a five-part series, Knorr reviews his visit to a seed processor's field day and a custom harvested farm.

At the links below, read in-depth recaps of the Brazilian tour from Bryce Knorr and James Thompson, or check your February issue of Farm Futures.

Part One - Farm Futures tour examining Brazil's booming industry

Part Two - How Brazilian farmers navigate environmental restrictions

Part Three - Brazilian farmers also grow corn, but not without unique challenges

Part Four - Brazilian logistics are changing

Part Five - Soil and agricultural practices vary widely across this vast land

View additional videos through the Farm Futures Brazil Tour 2013 playlist on Farm Progress Daily's Youtube channel.

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