High-Tech Grain Cart Addition

High-Tech Grain Cart Addition

Using a tablet interface, J&M offers a new way to capture information on-the-fly during harvest.

Gathering information at the grain cart is a great way to validate data coming off the combine. Recently, J&M showed off the new iFarm cloud-based weighing system that improves grain cart information gathering. Designed by Agrimetrics, a new company, the system is powered by a smart box that attaches to the weighing system on the cart, and it interfaces with a tablet or smart phone, to provide you a detailed display.

GRAIN CART ENHANCEMENT: The iFarm system, uses a simple link to connect the cart weighing system to a tablet where software can help manage grain harvest information by load and field.

The wireless connection from box to tablet means you no longer need to have a cable running to the cab. The company notes the design is simple and easy to set up. And if desired, you can store load information in a cloud location for easy access, or sharing, as the season progresses.

Priced at $2,300, the system provides an easy way to capture at-harvest information right from the grain card. Learn more by visiting jm-inc.com.

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