Largest Feed Producers In China Announces Corn Purchase

New Hope Group says U.S. agricultural could play an important role in their expanding business.

New Hope Group, the largest feed producer in China, announced the purchase of 6,000 metric tons (236,208 bushels) of U.S. corn on Tuesday, July 18.

"It is especially gratifying to see New Hope Group import U.S. corn," says Mike Callahan, U.S. Grains Council senior director of international operations - Asia. "The U.S. Grains Council has worked closely with them in the past and this relationship will continue to grow."

Liu Yonghao, New Hope Group president of the board, met with Council staff in September 2005 to discuss the company's plans and learn how U.S. agricultural could play a role in their expanding business. At that time, Liu predicted that NHG would be among the first U.S. grain customers when China began importing U.S. corn. NHG operates more than 60 feed mills under their name and owns interest in the Liuhe Group, which operates approximately 50 more.

Recent U.S. corn purchases by private Chinese importers include 50,000 tons (1.9 million bushels) of corn by China Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Ltd.

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