Michelin Extends Tire Line for Skid Steers

Michelin Extends Tire Line for Skid Steers

BibSteel Hard Surface Tire joins the company's Bibsteel family of rolling stock.

The new Michelin BibSteel Hard Surface Radial Tire has an all-steel casing and belt package for greater strength and durability than similar bias-ply designs.

The tougher design provides for better sidewall impact resistance and a rim guard, along with all steel crown plies, and the original BibSteel tire's proprietary rubber compound known for extended wear.

The new tire succeeds Michelin's Stabil'XZSL radial and comes in 10R16.5 (265/70R16.5) and 12R16.5 (305/70R16.5) sizes.

For more information on the new Hard Surface Tire, visit www.michelin-us.com.

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