Milk Industry Drops 'Got Milk' Tagline

Milk Industry Drops 'Got Milk' Tagline

New campaign designed to reinforce milk's benefits takes over for iconic 'Got Milk' tag

The "Got Milk" tagline will be no more with Monday's launch of a new multi-million dollar campaign to promote milk's benefits, the Milk Processor Education Program says.

The new campaign, called "Milk Life," spotlights "everyday moments of accomplishment, achievement and enjoyment, bringing to life how families and individuals who include milk's protein at breakfast make the most of every day."

MILK LIFE: The new tagline 'Milk Life' will replace 'Got Milk?' in national ads

The campaign will push milk's protein content, a nutrient the MilkPEP – a group funded by the nation's milk companies in effort to increase fluid milk consumption – says Americans are trying to increase in their diets. And, even though milk is found in most homes in the United States, MilkPEP adds that many Americans don't realize its nutritional contributions.

"We want to make sure that milk is relatable, relevant and meaningful to Americans," said Julia Kadison, interim Chief Executive Officer, MilkPEP. "We love that 'Milk Life' has a powerful double meaning: it's about wringing every last drop out of every single moment, and it represents a way of living where milk helps power you to be your best."

The Milk Life campaign includes print, TV and digital advertising, consumer and retail promotions, public relations and social media. New offerings include the website, where consumers can share stories about Milking Life and explore recipes and tips from celebrities, dietitians and moms.

According to Advertising Age, Milk Life's predecessor, "Got Milk?" had been in use since 1995, when the phrase was licensed from the California Milk Processor Board, who began using the tagline in 1993.

PROTEIN POWER: New campaign urges Americans to 'Milk Life' with power from milk's protein.

AdAge reports that the California Milk Processor Board will continue to use the Got Milk? tagline.

View one of the new commercials below.

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