New Survey Shows Drivers Uneducated on Biofuels

Many U.S. drivers lack awareness of ethanol and biodiesel, according to a newly released consumer survey.

Many U.S. drivers have little knowledge regarding ethanol and biodiesel, the results of a newly released consumer report suggest. 

The report, commissioned by Pavilion Technologies and conducted by Harris Interactive, showed a significant lack of awareness about biofuels among U.S. drivers polled. A quarter of drivers who do not use a biofuel said that they did not know what it is, and 44% of all drivers did not know the difference between biofuels and conventional gasoline.

However, of those drivers not currently using biofuels, 95% said they could be encouraged to switch from conventional gasoline. The most common reason for this (72%) was a lower price than conventional gasoline or diesel, and 61% said they would switch to a biofuel if they could buy it at their local gas station.

Although 75% of respondents agreed that they usually purchase the cheapest fuel at the pump, 47% said they would pay more for biofuels in order to help the environment.

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