October USDA Crop Report Updates Row Crop Information

Release of crop data next week will update yield and production information.

Severe weather conditions can impact crop output and USDA wants to track and report that information as necessary. Given the way the 2006 crop year has gone, the agency is tackling that issue in three states.

USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service announced this week that the October 12 crop report will contain updated yield and production forecasts for row crops. NASS is asking farmers in South Dakota, Georgia and Alabama to updated expected harvested acreage for corn, cotton, hay, peanuts, sorghum, soybeans and tobacco.

Drought conditions in those three states could impact final harvested information for those key crops.

The agency also says it will review Farm Service Agency certified acreage information in early October and any updates to planted and harvested acreage for dry edible beans, canola, corn, sorghum, soybeans and sunflower in all states that are necessary will be included in the October crop production report.

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