RFA Testifies in Support of Fuels Infrastructure Bill

The Renewable Fuels Association testified before the House Science and Technology Committee.

The Renewable Fuels Association testified Tuesday before the House Science and Technology Committee's Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment in support of a bill that would expand advanced fuels infrastructure. The bill, H.R. 547, was introduced by House Science Committee Chairman Bart Gordon, D-Tenn..

RFA President Bob Dinneen talked about the advancements in the ethanol industry and the government's role in supporting the development of new technology and infrastructure for ethanol.

"Ethanol companies are already utilizing cold starch fermentation, corn fractionation, and corn oil extraction," Dinneen says. "Companies are pursuing more sustainable energy sources, including biomass gasification and methane digesters.  And there is not an ethanol company represented by the RFA that does not have a cellulose-to-ethanol research program."

Dinneen outlined four points RFA sees as critical for the advancement of the ethanol industry: increased utilization of ethanol co-products such as distillers grains; development of tools to streamline the harvest and transportation of cellulosic feedstocks; improvements in energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy technologies; and improved cellulose feedstock conversion technologies.

"The continued commitment of this Committee and the enactment of legislation such as H.R. 547 will certainly contribute to ensuring America's future energy security," Dinneen testified.

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