Survey Finds Americans Support Pro-Biofuel Policy

A Harris Interactive poll has eight of ten respondents in agreement that government is not doing enough to promote biofuel.

According to a survey released today by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, 80% of U.S. adults agree that national and state governments are not doing enough to promote biofuels production.

Harris Interactive conducted the survey, also finding that 69% of adults would use American-made biofuels if they cost slightly more than conventional gas.

The strongest results, however, came in response to questions of policy. The poll found that 82% of adults think government should provide financial incentives to biofuels producers to encourage its production and availability, and 84% of adults would be at least somewhat likely to support political candidates on both the federal and state levels who favor creating incentives to help the U.S. biofuel industry.

Survey respondents indicated that biofuel's role in helping to make the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil as one of its most important benefits. Eight of 10 respondents rated making America less dependent on foreign oil very important or important, seven of 10 (73%) rated decreasing gas prices very important or important, and nearly seven in 10 (68%) rated creating jobs in rural areas very important or important.

In regards to biofuel awareness, 57% of respondents were able to correctly define biofuels as fuel made from agricultural plants and matter.

Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) by telephone within the United States between October 5 and October 8, 2006 among 1,031 adults (aged 18 and over). The results have a sampling error of at least +/- 3%.

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