Take a 'My Plate' Personality Test

Take a 'My Plate' Personality Test

New online 'My Plate, My Way' tool from the beef checkoff tries to help Americans tailor diet to a personalized plan.

The new My Plate, My Way eating personality profile can be fun and yet valuable, says a dietitian.

"As a registered dietitian, I know first-hand that there are many ways to build a healthy diet," says Kerry Neville, a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and culinary communications. "The My Plate, My Way tool is not only fun to use but provides valuable, usable information Americans can take with them in making better eating choices based on the latest science and research."

Beef Checkoff Unveils New 'My Plate' Eating Personality Test

In 2010 USDA released its new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate icon, which replaced the old food pyramid and is a little friendlier to beef but still emphasizes grains and vegetables more heavily. See the September 2011 issue of Beef Producer for this story.

Now the Beef Checkoff has introduced a personality profile test which ranks participants into one of six eating categories and makes recommendations how to achieve a healthy diet using the MyPlate materials. The interactive online tool is called MyPlate, My Way.

It is intended to help Americans understand their eating "personalities" and then use that information in building a healthy eating regimen. Research shows people who follow a personalized eating plan have greater success at meeting dietary goals than those following a standard diet.

To determine the user's eating personality a short quiz asks a series of simple questions. Once completed, users receive information, tips and recipes tailored to their personality assessment. The profiles include:

  • Lean Lover - "I'm always looking for foods and recipes to help me lose or maintain weight."
  • Buff and Cut - "Food is a means of building muscle."
  • Cost Slicer - "I have to stick to my budget."
  • Health Seeker - "Food does more than fill me up—it has many health benefits!"
  • Family Chef - "Family time is precious to me, so my meals have to please the whole gang."
  • Time Tackler - "Just because I'm short on time, doesn't mean I want to compromise taste and health."
  • Flavor Saveur - "It's all about the taste!"
  • Two-Stepper - "I'm no top chef, but I'm willing to try to make a recipe if I think I can do it."
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