USDA Reports on Cotton and Peanuts

National Agricultural Statistics Service issues the first of its weekly Peanut Prices reports, cotton report shows prices up in 2005.

USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Thursday that the U.S. Marketing Year Average Price for 2005 upland cotton is up 6.1 cents from the previous year, at 47.7 cents per pound. All U.S. and State cotton and cottonseed price information will be published October 31 in the October Agricultural Prices.

Also, the NASS released the first issue in a series of weekly Peanut Prices reports on Friday. According to the report, prices received by farmers during the week ending Oct. 7 for all stock peanuts averaged 16.9 cents per pound, up 0.8 cents from the week before. Marketings of stock peanuts for the week were up 10 million pounds from the previous week, at 18 million pounds. Runner type peanuts were up to 17.8 million pounds in this category, 13.8 million better than the previous week.

For more peanut information and statistics, visit the NASS peanut information page at

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