Warm Spring Could be in Cards

Forecast says La Nina will bring mild conditions to U.S. and Europe.

The World Climate Service released an early spring forecast predicting warmer than usual conditions in February, March and April. They credit this to La Nina, the cooling of equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean. Even though according to WCS La Nina will lose intensity, its effects will dominate the Northern Hemisphere weather for several months.

Looking at past patterns for La Nina, the lower third of the U.S. is expected to be warmer and drier than normal with wetter and cooler conditions along the U.S.-Canadian border. Early spring rains will likely track from Texas to the Great Lakes with moisture north of the track while the Southeast and Atlantic Seaboard will see continued dryness.

Warmer temperatures are expected this spring in Europe from Spain to Scandinavia and east into Russia as a result of La Nina. WCS says normal-to-wet conditions will be seen in the north from Atlantic storms, while areas south of the United Kingdom and eastward into southern Russia will see drier-than-normal conditions.

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