Web Sites Help Motorists Locate E85 Stations

Several online tools aim to guide motorists to ethanol pumps.

Several Web tools are available to motorists who are planning long-distance trips and looking for E85 pumps along the way.

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (www.e85fuel.com) allows users to access an E-85 directory one click from the home page, and the U.S. Department of Energy also has a guide for E-85 stations at afdcmap2.nrel.gov/locator.  

MapQuest has added an alternative fuel function to its mapping features. By using gasprices.mapquest.com/ travelers can search for alternative fuel stations.

Several NCGA state affiliates also offer E85 guides on their sites:

Colorado: www.coloradocorn.com/ethanol/weeklyethanolprices.html  
Kansas: www.ksgrains.com/ethanol/e85.html  
Missouri: www.mocorn.org/Ethanol/e85.htm#fuelingLocations  
South Dakota: www.sdcorn.org/ethanol/documents/AllE85PumpsinSouthDakota.doc  

On the National Corn Growers Association Web site, the group's CEO Rick Tolman relates his first-hand account of finding E-85 on the "Ethanol Corridor" in Illinois, at ncga.com/news/OurView/2007/050107.asp.

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