Wheat Buyers Talk About Plans

India plans to issue more tenders, but Japan holds off on a weekly purchase.

Dow Jones Newswires is reporting that India's Food and Agriculture Minister has announced the country will issue more tenders and that this will be "a regular phenomenon" in 2007. In addition, the minister notes the country will not be specifying volumes to be purchased.

The first such open-ended tender was issued Aug. 21 and will close today. Previously India's government issued large wheat tenders seeking 1 million to 3 million metric tons, but couldn't always secure the amount, according to the report. In a tender finalized July 10, for example, the government only purchased 511,000 metric tons in a 1 million-ton tender.

Meanwhile, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture will not hold its weekly wheat purchase tender this week, noting it is traditional to take one week off in August. The minister notes wheat tenders will resume next week. Japan's ministry imports wheat from the U.S., Canada and Australia weekly and sells it to domestic flour millers. Private buyers are not allowed to import wheat on their own.

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