Zoellick Heads to State Department

U.S. Trade Representative powerhouse Robert Zoellick will be Condoleezza Rice's deputy.

Iowa-native Robert Zoellick won't be negotiating trade agreements for the Bush administration for too much longer. According to the Wall Street Journal, Zoellick is expected to be named the deputy of Condoleeza Rice in the State Department.

Zoellick and Rice worked together in the first Bush's administration; Zoellick in the State Department and Rice at the National Security Council. The WSJ reports both are known for being hard-driving perfectionists.

The move opens up a cabinet-level post at the U.S. Trade Representative's office and "raises the question of whom the administration will pick to head the World Bank, a slot that Mr. Zoellick was thought to be a leading contender to fill," the article points out.

Few names are being discussed as a replacement for Zoellick, who has worked tirelessly to get the Doha Round of world trade talks back on track. One name that is being floated is Robert Kimmitt, current head of global policy at Time Warner and former official at the departments of State and Treasury.

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